About Rav C

Ravi – known as DJ Rav C is an experienced professional DJ, who has a vast knowledge of various music styles.

In his early teens Rav C would experiment with sound in a slightly unusual way to most, which would be through creating homemade bass boxes using speakers purchased from markets or boot sales and hooking them up to classic amplifiers. He was well known amongst family and friends to spend hours around music systems, speakers and loads of wires! It was only time before he was creating surround sound systems in his house, fixing (after breaking) audio systems and fitting car stereos.

Rav C’s bug for mixing music started after seeing a set of Technics 1210s in the mid 90’s while at a family friend’s house. That very day he was kindly given a two channel mixer where the journey began. Over the next couple of years Rav C would fuse music from any possible audio outlets including music channels from his home TV, cassette players and of course his father’s vinyl player. It wasn’t until the late 90’s that Rav C actually picked up his first set of decks – a pair of belt drive wheels of steel. This naturally progressed to owning the legendary Technics 1210 MKII. Rav C would spend hours learning the art of mixing, recording sets and trying to master the skill. Friends would rarely get a mixed tape as he was a perfectionist and always wanted to improve the quality.

Fast forward to the early 00’s and Rav C won a national UK university DJ challenge where his network grew and he gained his first experience to London’s and the South East’s club scene. Rav C performed at clubs including Ministry of Sound, Camden Palace, Hammersmith Palais, Eros, Equinox to name a few. He also worked alongside a number of local residencies and performed across cities with GT Roadshow, a new DJ and musician crew catering for private functions.

By 2003 Rav C was working in a busy record shop in Thurrock, Lakeside shopping centre. Explicit Lyrics was a short lived successful small business that attracted the likes of then underground artists such as Dizzee Rascal and Wiley throwing their promos about, various radio DJ’s and well established DJ’s such as Andy C. Rav C gained great experience meeting people on the scene as well as developing his music library.

By 2005 Rav C secured a slight career change after graduating the year before……….as a secondary school teacher! Although his passion still remained in DJ’ing and by now, music production his focus was on his full-time career. Although he would still build his music collection, gigs inevitably took a back seat – only for a short period of time. Rav C introduced the art of mixing and producing music for the younger generation, helping to open a school music studio and help out with youth workshops and workshops for children and adults with learning difficulties with external agencies. During this time Rav C would play regular slots on UK’s oldest pirate radio station, Cyndicut FM, playing  R&B and Hip-Hop every Sunday.

Rav C knew he needed to up his game in order to get back onto the circuit, this time focusing more as a mobile DJ although he will still regularly perform across bars and clubs. By 2009 Rav C was building his own DJ rig and now owns some bespoke state of the art audio and visual gear and of course a wealth of musical knowledge, which is forever growing.

Rav C joined Musical Movements in 2016 who are a group of industry leading DJs - and much more! Musical Movements  offer a modern, bespoke and innovative approach to event planning. Already Rav C has performed at many top class venues across the country, including beautiful manor houses with breathtaking grounds, five star hotels and many exclusive locations. Rav C also released a remix of Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You by adding a touch of desi to the 2017 smash hit. Check out Rav C's interview with Musical Movements as well as some mixes that he has put together.

Rav C has had an amazing experience with Musical Movements so far and is looking forward to an even busier future.